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2 October 2012
Orosh, Mirdite, the Coordinating Committee for Cooperation and Development.
Within the program on "Decentralization and Local Development" DLDP implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and program "Strengthening of Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania" implemented by the European Council, with the support of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development place next Coordination Committee, on 2 October 2012, in the Commune of Orosh, Lezha Region.

Peace Football Festival
Peace Football Festival
E shtunë 22 shtator 2012 Festivali i Futbollit të Paqes Peace Football Festival is an event that aims to cultivate peace, youth development, and community engagement through one-day celebration that includes sports, art, and other traditional activities. The festival took place on 22 September, to coincide with the International Day of Peace, in the town of Koplik, Great Highland district. In addition to the soccer tournament, the festival was an art exhibition, workshops, musical performances, speeches policy leaders, a small market and vendor activities with the involvement of all participants. This project was made possible with the help and support of the Council of Shkodra, Koplik Municipality, Municipality of Shkodra, Peace Volunteers, The Door Albania, and the community at large.
20-23 September
Agribusiness and Tourism 2012
PANAIRI I AGROBIZNESIT DHE TURIZMIT 2012 On 20-23 September, at the premises of the Palace of Congresses, was the held joint Agribusiness and Tourism Fair, which had as main objective the presentation of tourist offer and increase the competitiveness of Albanian food market. The fair was held, where it was introduced tourist products, food products, agricultural and Albanian agricultural mechanics. The fair was organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, with the support of the National Tourism Agency, the Albanian Tourism Association, USAID and UNDP. Present at the opening of the fair, was the Prime Minister Berisha, who stated that agricultural production is ten times bigger thanks and support investment in this sector with the necessary infrastructure.
12 and 13 September
Conference on Programme support cooperation between Mediterranean circuits with those of the Balkans.
12-13 Shtator CAGLIALI, Itali On 12 and 13 September was held in Cagliari Sardinia, Italy final conference in the framework of the Italian foreign ministry, to support cooperation between the regions: "The countries of the Mediterranean and the Balkans." This conference aimed to assess the importance of the reports generated by collaborative circles in recent years joint work between them in the realization of certain activities as set forth in their respective projects in.
E Hënë 17 Shtator 2012
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Takim pune për rregjistrimin e Njësive Ekonomike në Qark
Takim pune për rregjistrimin e Njësive Ekonomike në Qark Mbledhja e katërt e Komisionit të Rregjistrimit të Përgjithshëm të Njësive Ekonomike Bujqësore në Qark u hap nga Z. Maxhid CUNGU, Kryetar i Këshillit të Qarkut Shkodër, i cili fillimisht i uroi mirëseardhjen zyrtarëve pjesëmarrës në takim dhe paraqiti për miratim Proçes-verbalin e Mbledhjes së Tretë të Komisionit të Rregjistrimit të Përgjithshëm të Njësive Ekonomike Bujqësore në Qark. Sipas rendit të ditës, Kryetari Z. Maxhid Cungu, paraqiti per  shqyrtim në bllok listat e anketuesve të zgjedhur/miratuar nga Komisionet në bashkitë dhe komunat e Qarkut Shkodër.
August 6, 2012
Meeting with Representatives of the Province of Pisa, Italy
E Hënë 6 gusht 2012 On Monday August 6, 2012, in his office in Shkodra the Presdient,of the Regional Council Mr. Maxhid Cungu received a delegation of the province of Pisa Italy led by Mrs. Silvia Pagani, Chief  of Culture, development cooperation and intercultural integration. During the meeting, the two sides focused on cooperation between them that starts since 1999 with Kosovo's continuing assistance and special projects social, institutional and professional capacity building projects and most recently with RIVA project for the lake environment Shkodra.
16 August 2012
Meeting in the framework of the Registration of General Agricultural Economic Units.
Takim në kuadër të Rregjistrimit të Përgjithshëm të Njësive Ekonomike Bujqësore On 16 August 2012, based on the directives of the government and the ministry of interior was held at the Meeting Hall of Shkodër  Regional Council the first Meeting Informative Mayors and Municipalities Shkoder in the framework of Registration of General Economic Units Agriculture in the region of Shkodra.

July 25

Meeting with Senator z.Bernard Fournier, Chair of the Friendship Group French – Albanian of the French Senate

25 Korrik Today, on July 25, 2012, at his office the President of the Regional Council of Shkodra. Mr. Maxhid Cungu received French Senator Bernard Fournier, Chair of the Group of Friendship Franco-Albanian communities in the French Senate, which is situated within the framework of a private visit . Mr. Cungu of welcome in Shkodra the French senator who had visited and other times our region, but every each time that I come I feel a special satisfaction the senator said, as I observe continuous changes. Mr. Cungu expressed to Senator Fournier gratitude for the help and great support that France has given to Albania during these years and, in particular the integration of those migra French life of our region who live in France. Mr. Fornier accept this thank and said that Albanians already are well integrated in his place and have managed to be professional, skilled, finished university and was employed in their profession. Also Mr. Cungu appreciated contribution to the French alliance in our region in terms of its cultural activities and school, as the faculty of foreign languages at the University of Shkodra, the French language is quite demanding and studied by our students. French friend welcomed reforms being undertaken by the Albanian government in education, health, economy, infrastructure and wish to integrate Albania into the EU as soon as possible.

Wed July 25, 2012
Meeting with a delegation for partnership
25 Korrik On Wednesday in his office, the Presdient of the Regional Council, Mr. Maxhid Cungu, hosted a delegation of foreign experts, specialists in the development of joint projects with the partnership of public and private, PPP. The above is a work already started with the idea of Pro Dr.Kujtim Onuzi, Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment in Tirana attended the meeting. The delegation was composed by a terrain  expert, to get to know closely the initial data for such an initiative.
Tue 24 Jul 2012
Regional Development Program-Northern Albania.
On 24 July 2012, at the restaurant "Palma" (Shengjin) was organized the Coordination Group meetings of the Regional Development Program-Northern Albania. In addition to members of the group the meeting was also attended by representatives from both regional councils Lezha and Shkoder, two donor representatives from Austria and the Swiss Cooperation,RDP program representatives (with voting rights) were invited as observers, as representative public administrations to local units of both regions, civil society, local development agency "Teuleda" and ArtGold program 2, etc..
Thursday 19 July 2012
Meeting with representatives of the Region Friuli / Venezia / Giulia
Takim me përfaqësues të rajonit Friuli/Venezia/Giulia The Presdient of Shkodra Regional Council Mr. Maxhid Cungu, met with the Italian delegation of Fruli Venezia Giulia region which is on a mission in Albania  from 18 to 21 July 2012, together with the management of UNDP program ART GOLD 2. The purpose of this meeting was the presentation of two important projects for tourism development in the region of Shkodra to be funded by these two partners.
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