23 NOVEMBER 2009
 It has been signed the protocol of cooperation SHKODER-Molise

 On Monday 23 November 2009, came for a visit in Shkoder Region the President of Molise Region (Italy) Mr. Michele IORIO, conducting a delegation composed of high representatives  of  Molise Region and also development and designing projects agencies. This visit was conducted in the framework of the mutual interest to strengthen the existing friendly relations and their willingness to cooperate in areas of common interest in activities with social, cultural, trade, tourism, health and information exchange.
 Considering the fact that regions are important sources and can contribute significantly to European integration, by conducting various forms of cooperation, it is important to strengthen cooperation between the Adriatic regional authorities that can contribute in promoting peace, stability and prosperity throughout Europe, and in particular in the Western Balkan countries.
The  Region of Shkodra and Molises have participated from the beginning to the creation and development of the Adriatic Euroregion, operating efficiency significantly in its full common objectives aiming at promoting trade, investment and implementation of initiatives for the creation, consolidating and developing relations of cooperation in economic sectors of medium and small enterprises, trade, culture and tourism; in full compliance with the laws of the legislation of the respective countries;
The President of Regional Council of Shkoder and the President of Molise Region signed an agreement which envisaged that:
The Parties shall cooperate in sectors of activities with social, cultural, manufacturing, trade, tourism, health and information exchange.
The Parties shall pay special attention to problems and support commercial development of small and medium-sized, giving special importance of territory protection sector, vocational training, telecommunications and scientific-technological sector.

 The Parties undertake the dissemination and promotion of this Protocol, the opportunities that it provides, in order to increase its efficiency, favoring the participation of interested entities. Also undertake public awareness and to encourage and involve the population in all initiatives of cooperation identified from time to time, in order to strengthen community relations of the two parties.
Parties could promote thematic seminars (exhibitions, fairs, etc.) for pursuing the objectives of this Protocol, in which representatives will attend the relevant politico-institutional, in order to give these events a broad resonance.
After signing the agreement, the two high representatives gave a press conference in the lobby of Regional Council of Shkoder where was emphasized the further strengthening of cooperation between the two regions. In the evening it was organized a welcome dinner for the guests of the Molise Region.